Summary Of Double Victory By Cheryl Mullenbach

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Do you ever wonder how many peoples actions and attributions have been overlooked, ignored, or taken credit for in the past? Well Double Victory by Cheryl Mullenbach gives the public a deep and detailed look into many African- American women’s lives in the past, and how their attempts to help win World War II were far overlooked and ignored. This was based strictly on the fact that they were African American Women. This book shows the barriers; both racial and gender, that these strong black women needed to break to receive full credit and respect for what they have accomplished. The overall theme and or purpose of this book was to expose the racial and sexual discrimination African American women experienced just to do their work, and shows …show more content…

This is for many reasons. One of the ways is the fact that it is unique; Unique in the way that not many books are on this subject in general. Another unique trait is that it takes a different type of perspective, one that most book wouldn’t dare to take; by looking to the dark side of a huge American win, literally. This makes the book very refreshing and intriguing because it is hard to get bored reading when you do not know what to expect. Another reason is the way the book was set up, this did not allow the storyteller to dwell too much on one subject or story, forcing the book to lack in lengthy and boring listing of factual evidence. Overall this aided the book in being an exceptional read. This book also had many specific strengths. The strengths of Double Victory was the way Mullenbach decided to present the information. This was through stories, in separation of certain subjects and work forces. This was a very large asset towards theme portrayal and interest factor. Another strength is the massive amount of information Mullenbach is giving this makes the book very fast paced and not monotonous. As for weaknesses of Double Victory, I could not seem to find any, I found this book to be very interesting and would classify it as an exceptional read without …show more content…

With these facts being presented to me, especially in relation to Civil Rights and Liberties, it was challenging not to make real world connections and see true examples of government and politics in action. During this read I made a vast amount of connections and learned an abundance of new stories and information about government. Being more specific, Double Victory taught me many African- American women’s stories and struggles in labor and work forces relating to Civil Rights. Overall I learned the immense asset that black women were to World War 2 and the hardships they experienced to gain that title that still, not many people know of today. I also learned that many people have overlooked their struggles, and their contribution to America, especially in that time frame. Although this book taught me many things individually, it strongly contributes to the public and a larger conceptual understanding of the U.S struggling and growing in its ability to enforce and live out the principles of the Constitution, of democracy, and of a world leader. This is done by giving information or insight to the public of how equality among the principles of both the Constitution and democracy was enforced among African-American women in the past. Although at the time we globally led and still do in equality among all people, it did not fulfill the framers intention with the democracy created within the

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