Summary Of Friends, Great Friends And Such Good Friends By Judith Viorst

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Whilst the prowess of having more friends can make our life more fulfilling than being alone, making friendships or friendships alone are hardly attainable; We make friends with the ones we might come across with, or we simply make friends with the ones that are connected to our souls. However, in the article of “Friends, Good Friends, and such Good Friends”, by Judith Viorst, she took another approach to redeem “friendships” differently in her life. By categorization, she mentioned that there are eight categories that were used to define the purpose of having a friendship, the depth of a friendship, and the encounter of a friendship. Although many will judge the perception of having friends by putting them into the bracket of categorization, I feel it is justified to make friends based on places, events and most importantly, luck. Truthfully to be said, it is not easy to make friends whom you can …show more content…

Then again, the need for categorization soothes my treacherous soul for the need of another partner. Instantaneously, this method of categorization gives me the presence of who I am today. It captured my feelings and thoughts of why I should maintain my forms of friendship according to the distinct boxes set up similarly to the writer, Judith Viorst.
It will probably sound weird if I love to see this method as a keeper of the significant boundary to form an invincible line between my peers and my principles. In lieu to that, I greatly believed the notion of self-realization and the ideals of my life, hence the existence of the unspeakable line that covered my forms of friendships. Furthermore, it is how my percept my values of life as something that cannot be deterred nor erased by anybody, including my peers and my family. In this variated society, there are different forms of people who will try to put away your values and form your values by

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