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“The Great Thing About New Friends Is That They Bring New Energy To Your Soul,”
As Shanna Rodriguez once said
Friendship is something very influential in life to have and keep. There are really caring friends who can play a really big part of an individual’s life. They may have many things in common. Maybe providing protection, support, and defence from your hardships. The bond between friends is really strong and can last a lifetime. Friendship is valuable like precious jewelry. The importance of friendship in The Outsiders can be seen throughout the book, but the only ones that will be mentioned here are the friendship goals that Ponyboy has with Johnny cade, Sodapop Curtis, and Cherry Valance.

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In the novel Sodapop is a very open and kind person, and we note his personalities in further reading. Sodapop does not have a dark personality he is always on the bright side meaning he maintains a positive mood. Although Sodapop defends Ponyboy from getting in trouble from Darry, their big brother. Also, Sodapop really cared about him, when Ponyboy got in when Ponyboy got jumped by the Socs and Sodapop sees Ponyboy hurt and say “Easy Ponyboy. They aint gonna hurt you no more”. (Hinton, 8). Sodapop is a very friendly person to everyone in the greasers and is liked by everyone who knows him, he does not really get mad easily like Darry he is really soft and gentle. Darry, on the other hand, is not soft on the outside but his inner feelings are nice, calm and soft.

Lastly, this paragraph will define the importance of Cherry’s friendship with Ponyboy. Ponyboy meets Cherry at the drive-in theatre where she looked familiar to Ponyboy because they attend the same school. Dally kept on bugging Cherry and her friend Marcia . After, Dally left and finally stopped bugging them, Cherry asked Ponyboy, “ are you going to start on us? “(Hinton,22). Even though Cherry is a Soc and Ponyboy is a greaser they still have some things and activities they both like, such as reading, watching sunsets.
Even though they both knew each other out of school but still never talked in school because Cherry had a boyfriend who

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