How Did Ponyboy Become A Soc

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The Outsiders Essay Can Ponyboy transform into a Soc as he goes on to his senior year? Ponyboy is from The Outsiders and is known as a Greaser. However, Ponyboy can become a Soc because he has good grades and does not want to be a Greaser forever. The only reason Ponyboy is a Greaser is because of the gang he hanged out with. Ponyboy no longer can hang out with his friend Dally and Johnny who were also Greasers. Also, Ponyboy has his Soc friends, Cherry and Randy. His older brother, Darry a type a Soc and is similar to Ponyboy. To conclude, Ponyboy can turn into a Soc because of his characteristics, him wanting to start a new change, and people who influence him in his daily life. To start, Ponyboy has many characteristics that consider him a Soc. For example, Ponyboy is the only one of his gang that has an interest in books and movies. These interests …show more content…

In the beginning, Ponyboy hated the Socs for jumping and beating up Greasers. Also, he admits he is a Greaser at the drive in theatre and says Dally is his friend. However, Ponyboy later on talks about how he and Dally were never close buddies. Additionally, Ponyboy’s view of the Socs begins to change when he meets Cherry. Ponyboy states, “It seemed funny to me that Socs- if these girls were any example- were just like us... I thought maybe it was money that separated us,” (37). Ponyboy realizes the Socs are normal people like the Greasers, and money was the only issue that separated everyone. Furthermore during the rumble, Ponyboy admits he no longer hates Socs, and the fighting between both groups should end. During the rumble, Ponyboy begins to question himself if he should decide to stay a Greaser or a Soc. Ponyboy does not want to become a hood who is marked lousy by other people. To summarize, Ponyboy is not going to stay a Greaser forever and will become a Soc because both Socs and Greasers are not really different from each

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