Sodapop Quotes And Analysis

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Lastly, Sodapop is always there for his two brothers, he will drop everything for his family no matter what. For example, ¨ Soda just put his hand on my shoulder. "Easy, Ponyboy. They ain't gonna hurt you no more."¨ (Hinton, page 8). This proves Soda is there for his family, by confuting his little brother Ponyboy when he's scared and upset. Secondly, ¨…,and I had Sodapop to talk things over with¨ (Hinton, page 37). This is showing how his family already knows Soda is there for them no matter what, by Ponyboy saying he can talk things over with him. And lastly, ¨ Soda always takes up for me.¨ (Hinton, page 12). This is stating how Sodapop always sticks up for his brothers. Inclusion, Sodapop is always there and sticks up for his family.
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