Darry, Soda, And Pony In The Outsiders

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Darry, Soda, and Pony are all waiting in the hospital to hear news of Dally and Johnny. They are bombarded with reporters, and Darry finally gets them to be left alone because Pony wasn 't’ feeling well. Pony takes a nap on Darry’s lap, and then the doctor finally came with news of Johnny and Dally. Dally would be good to go in a few days after his burns are taken care of, meanwhile Johnny is in critical condition, with not a great chance of making it out of there. On the way home, Pony falls asleep in the car and end up sleeping until the morning when Two-bit and Steve came over. Pony sees the article about him in the paper, and realizes he needs to be present at court for his actions.This risks the chance of the three brothers being allowed to continue living together. Surprisingly, all they said about Dally was how he was a hero. Soda tells Pony that they are going to have a party after the rumble where the greasers get rid of the Socs for good, after this everyone leaves and Two-bit is left to babysit Pony. While out with Two-bit, Pony spots a few Socs, Randy (Marcia’s boyfriend) being one of them. Randy asks …show more content…

He asks for a copy of “Gone With the Wind”, which Pony makes Dally go get for him. Soon, they had to leave, and Johnny’s mother was there to see him. Though, Johnny was reluctant about seeing her. Then, Two-bit and Pony went to see Dally who is doing better, and he even asks Two-bit for his switchblade because he plans on escaping the hospital in order to attend the rumble. Pony isn’t feeling well, and begs Two-bit not to say anything so that he can still go to the rumble. On their way back, they see Cherry who tells them the Socs are willing to fight fairly, without weapons, and that Randy will not be at the rumble. Pony and Cherry get into a misunderstanding because Cherry says she is unable to visit Johnny because he is Bob’s

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