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Persuasive Essay

In the novel The Outsiders by S.E Hinton, a situation occurs and a decision has to be made that can change Ponyboy’s life forever. Some would argue that he should stay with his loving brothers, others would argue that he should be sent into the system. Sending Ponyboy into the system may be a good idea in some ways, but he should ultimately stay with his brothers. If he stayed with his brothers, he would be under the care of his oldest brother Darry. If Ponyboy stayed with his brothers, he would feel cared for and would be supervised by a loving person.
Although some people assume that Ponyboy would not be looked out for under the supervision of his brothers and that nobody would think of him, that is not true. For Example Johnny said, “I’m going to turn myself in, it ain’t fair for Ponyboy to have to stay up in that church with Darry and Sodapop worryin’ about him all the time”.(87) This shows that he is cared for. It also illustrates that even though Pony and Johnny aren’t blood related, Johnny would turn himself in and risk going to …show more content…

Because, “Things were rough all over, but it was better of that way. That way you could tell the other guy was human too.” (118) This shows that wherever Pony ends up going, it’s going to be rough everywhere. But at least if he stays with his brothers he would be with people who love him and care about him whereas if he was put in the system there’s no telling what would happen. Maybe it is rough all over, but it really was better off that way. In addition to that Pony says "So Cherry Valance, the cheerleader, Bob's girl, the Soc, was trying to help us. No, it wasn't Cherry the Soc who was helping us, it was Cherry the dreamer who watched sunsets and couldn't stand fights." (86) This shows that Ponyboy is starting to realize that there is no difference between the two groups. You could always see the sunset pretty well from both

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