Summary Of From Deep Woods To Civilization By Charles Eastman

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In “From Deep Woods to Civilization”, Charles Eastman tells his life story about his culture and how he led his life. As an Indian Charles Eastman battled with trying to find his identity. Charles Eastman went to school and became civilized he wanted to show his people that changing the world of American Indians that one can adapt without being assimilating. THESIS STATEMENT: Economic exchange, religious views, and the Indians lifestyle compared to the white society were many of the conflicts that Charles Eastman experienced believing that the white culture was good and being concerned about the survival of American-Indian.
Charles Eastman was an Indian of the Sioux Tribe who was confused about whom he was if it wasn’t for his family and how they all had different views for Charles. His father wants him to leave the tribe and go out and view the world, but his grandmother thinks otherwise and thinks he should stay and help the tribe. For Eastman to leave the tribe, he believed that it was a way for him to show the values of white upper and middle-class manhood and the stereotypes of the Natives manhood. He wants Native males and white males to be equal and to gain full citizenship with one another, but the Natives must overcome white racist if they wanted to achieve full equality in the U.S. Society. Charles Eastman had …show more content…

He is trying to show the white man that Indians are not savages, and he is standing before his people as an advocate of civilization. Charles states, “It was here and now that my eyes were opened intelligently to the greatness of Christian civilization, the ideal civilization, as it unfolded itself before my eyes. ” “I saw it as the development of every natural resource the brotherhood of mankind, the blending of all languages and the gathering of all races under one religious faith.

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