Summary Of Gary Paulsen's 'The Crossing'

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In Gary Paulsen’s “The Crossing” Manny Bustos wants to cross the border from Mexico to North America. But, Manny has to endure many struggles and setbacks to go across the border. This is why American students should read this novel. A majority of American teenagers or even adults don’t know what kids like Manny have to go through on a day-to-day basis. Manny has to fight to survive, which isn’t a skill that most people have. Manny has to fight to get the basic needs like food or access to good water. But, I’ll show you why it’s important that American students learn about this growing issue. The average American is spoiled compared to what the average Mexican has. Comparing the average American to Manny we’re rich. Kids in America don’t realize what other kids might have to wake up to. Most kids in America wake up to a bed in a house. Then, they get dressed, eat breakfast, and go to daycare or school. Manny wakes up on the street and begs for food. After that he, goes and waits under a bridge to fight other kids for money that people throw off the bridge. Manny doesn’t get to go to school. Most kids would think that he’s lucky, but in reality he isn’t. People in America don’t realize how privileged they are. Manny would love to go to school and get an education. We should make more kids in America aware of …show more content…

They are going to be the people to make new laws and change the previous laws. They’re going to change the laws so we can get more people like Manny out of Mexico and into the United States. If we don’t make the future generations of America realize these problems now they won’t change until we educate them about this issue. We as a nation need to make them aware of this problem so it can change now because, this problem won’t go away on its own. We need to make it easier for these kids like Manny to safely get into the United States so they can live a fulfilled

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