Summary Of Imagine Dying By Rick Loomis

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Not only are the soldiers affected by war, but regular civilians living at home are as well. Many people feel that soldiers show absolutely no emotion and are extraordinary people. However, in “Imagine Dying” written by Rick Loomis, the author proves his audience wrong when he states “here was a group of men, 37 in all, whom [he] viewed as courageous warriors, well-trained and well-equipped, and they seemed to be falling one by one right in front of him” (3). Although the majority of a population feel soldiers are extremely brave and are seldom afraid of their circumstances, this is untrue. Loomis spent a long period of time with a group of soldiers and came to the conclusion they are everyday, ordinary people simply fulfilling the role of …show more content…

No civilian has the right to describe the experience of a bloody war if they have never stepped foot onto the battlefield. In addition, nobody can fully comprehend war until they experience it firsthand. While deciding whether or not he should go to war, O’Brien felt disappointed in how his family and friends “were sending [him] off to fight a war they did not understand and did not want to understand” (O’Brien 43). People back at home and in society sometimes put an immense amount of pressure on particular people to go to war. It is unfair for society to pressure an individual into fighting a war because they are completely unaware of the role war will play in that person’s life forever until they die. Finally, society is deeply affected by the loss of loved ones during war. Feeling lost, family members are desperate for anything left of their precious ones. Loomis describes how there was a mom who “wanted any photo [he] had, to gather any scrap of information, conversations about him, anything she could hold onto. He was her only son” (Loomis 6). War has the ability to destroy the lives of those at home as

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