Summary Of Just Mercy By Bryan Stevenson

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The book Just Mercy written by Bryan Stevenson focuses and discusses justice and redemption. This book discusses the author’s life and how Stevenson grew up in a poor and racially segregated neighborhood in Delaware. The settlement he grew up in was very small and most families suffered from lack of water, indoor plumbing, and chickens and pigs surrounded their play space. Stevenson attended college in Pennsylvania and perused a degree in Public Policy. This book is about getting a better understanding of mass incarceration and cruel punishment in America. The author describes how people are easily condemned in our justice system and how we allow fear and anger to control our perceptions and actions towards others. Stevenson is an attorney who runs a project called “The Equal Justice Initiative”, …show more content…

Morrison was robbed and shot three times in the back of the head. Morrison was a white woman and McMillan is a black man who was at the time dating a white woman. Locals were outraged to find out that their local handy man was having a relationship with a white woman named Karen. He and another man Ralph Myers were both dating the same woman and Myers is who accused McMillan and implicated him in the killing of Morrison. The south condemned interracial relationships and as law enforcement already felt great pressure to make an arrest for Morrison’s murder they and the jury found McMillan to be a great suspect. The jury in this case was an all white jury who ultimately found him guilty. Stevenson took on the case and believed on McMillan’s innocence and fought for him on appeals which eventually after years of efforts was granted a chance to have courts review the evidence. After proving the states that the witnesses were unreliable and the evidence was false McMillan was granted his freedom after six years on death

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