Just Mercy By Bryan Stevenson: An Analysis

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If there is one thing that the humans are historically bad at doing it's admitting their own faults. Hubris blinds us from seeing the bigger issues That, I believe, is the sole reason why the world that we live in is unjust. It's full of people who are misusing their power positions like Kim Davis, a disgruntled county clerk. There are also people prosecuted for crimes they never committed just because they are in poverty as Bryan Stevenson teaches us. People are also judged because of their skin color and not by their personalities like Ahmed Mohamed, a freshman apprehended for building clock . of the larger picture of why the world is an unjust place.

People in power positions are expected to follow all the rules imposed by the government but this is not always true. Kim Davis is the county clerk of Rowan County, Kentucky. She recently received a lot of media …show more content…

The police wouldn't listen to people who had direct evidence in the crime just because they were low-class and didn't have a lot of money. The

law enforcement also bribed people to give false affidavits that pit them against an innocent person. Corrupted police forces are still a huge problem in America. Unjust incarceration also happen in this day and age.

Ahmed Mohamed is a freshman in a high school in Texas. Ahmed's hobby was inventing small gadgets, he created a small clock in a pencil case and decided to bring it to school to show his engineering teacher. When the school found out they had Ahmed arrested for "making a fake bomb". The police that interrogated him said that he was being suspicious because he only said that it was a clock and wouldn't elaborate. They had 6 officers interrogate him and obviously seeing that he was nervous; they made racist remarks at him. This just shows that some people can't see beyond skin color, especially in the

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