Wes Moore Street Culture Analysis

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How well Wes Moore describes the culture of the streets, and particularly disenfranchised adolescents that resort to violence, is extraordinary considering the unbiased perspective Moore gives. Amid Moore’s book one primary theme is street culture. Particularly Moore describes the street culture in two cities, which are Baltimore and the Bronx. In Baltimore city the climate and atmosphere, of high dropout rates, high unemployment and poor public infrastructure creates a perfect trifecta for gang violence to occur. Due to what was stated above, lower income adolescent residents in Baltimore are forced to resort to crime and drugs as a scapegoat of their missed opportunities. On the other hand the Bronx, also had a crumbling sense of community, because of violence that was brought into its area. The repercussions of this as is similar of Baltimore, most adolescents resorted to the streets for money. Lastly the reason why both cities young men found it attractive to go to the streets, is because it gives them pride, money and a way to escape from the missed opportunities from their communities. …show more content…

Having the example above shows society or mankind in general thrives under expectations for a better life. A primary example of this is in World War Two, where new weapons technology was developed for the drive of nationalistic country 's expectations of success. To what extent we should hold ourselves accountable for our actions, depends on the person. With different individuals holding themselves to a higher standard than others creates more accountability for good and bad actions. This can, also happen in vise versa of the sentence above. Overall mankind most of the time does best under high expectations and, accountability for oneself 's actions lies upon the

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