Summary Of Always Running By Luis J. Rodriguez

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There are more than 30,000 active gangs nationally. The author of Always Running is Luis J. Rodriguez. This book is a really eye opening book.This book talks about luis involvement in gangs and everything he lived through. Later on luis the main character realizes the power of education and writes this book to influence young adults going through this type of situation. Luis wrote this book for his son who started to get involved with gangs and who was later incarcerated. Despiste the school board recent sentiments regarding the lack of value that fiction provides, fiction should remain in the schools curriculum due to they can bring to light real world problems, they can influence the reader to take the right path, and they help the reader to use their imagination. …show more content…

“I was 13 years already , already

tattooed, already sexually involved, already into drugs”. Like stated in the thesis if fiction

books can bring to light on real world problems they can help change someone's

life. Another reason why the author might want to share this story is to show how

graphic and legitimate it is to join a gang, this way he can have his effect on

those reading his book. “ The school informed my parents I had been wreaking

havoc with a number of young boys”. The reader of a book can learn information they never

knew. Fiction books can have a great impact with their readers by talking about

what happens in our society.

Secondly reading fiction books is really beneficial because it helps you be more

knowledgeable. There are more than 15,000 gang homicides across the United

States. Luis, pg. 83, “ she was just too tired pulling me out of jail cells, of

getting reports from school about the fights i’d been in, of expecting a call from a

hospital or morgue “. This issue is relevant to the world because it can save someone's

life and it prevents readers to getting involve with bad things. chicano sheriff,

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