Analysis Of Always Running By Luis J. Rodriguez

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The passage, “Always Running” by Luis J. Rodriguez evokes the tone of indifference. Rodriguez demonstrates these tones through imagery. For example, at the beginning of the passage the narrator, Luis gives us background information about his living situation to set up imagery for the rest of the passage. Then, Luis sets the tone of indifference with this sentence “So without ceremony, we started over the tracks, climbing over discarded market carts and tore-up sofas.” This quote uses the literary device of imagery because the narrator is painting a picture of their environment. He describes his neighborhood without use of any adjectives that express emotion about how he feels about the place. The lack of emotion suggests that they have done this walk before and they have grown indifferent to their surroundings. Another example is at the high point of the story when he and his brother are getting beat up, “I watched the others take turns on my brother, this terror of a brother, and he doubled over, had blood and spew on his shirt, and tears down his face. I wanted to do something, but they held me and I just looked on.” Terror of a brother implies that Rano is a bully himself. Watching this must’ve been hard on Luis, but instead he does nothing. He does not fight back. When Luis just looks on, you can imagine that he just accepts this as something that occurs and they can do nothing about it.

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