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MOVIE REVIEW: 7 AÑOS 7 Anos is a Spanish film produced by Netflix, a well-known media provider. There are few characters in the film and only one space passes. Filmin is as follows; The Finance Inspectors chase a company that makes money with corruption. There is evidence related to tax evasion, which will make the company complete its work on its hands. The four partners of the company meet to find a solution. For the company 's salvation, one of them must be in prison for seven years. Naturally, no one wants to waste 7 years. The criminal agrees with a mediator to facilitate the selection of the person to be assumed. In the mediator match these 4 friends try to decide who will go to jail by questioning their partnerships and friends. …show more content…

Only Luis mediation does not look so warm. He prefers to draw lots but can not convince other friends. The mediator asks for the chess board and tells them to choose the stones they see closest to them. He tells them to define their friends according to their chosen stones. Luis is the black filet on the chess board. The most free spirit of the team is a progressive person and a genius. Luis invented the products the company sold. But he can not produce anything for a long time. Apart from these, Luis is a very conscientious person who is stretched very quickly and is introverted. He sees the team as a family. So this confrontation will most frustrate him. Carlos, black kaledir. He 's Luis 's closest friend. He protects Luis and directs him. They know what people want and what they need. Self-confidence is too high and selfish. Marcel, it 's white. CEO of the company and leader of the company. It is his duty to create a company strategy. Vision is owner and Marceldir has already set the company 's steps. . Vero chose the white horse from the chess board. Marcel will start talking about Luis Vero. This scene is proof of Luis 's non-dominant character. Marcel defines Vero as the most diverse

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