Case 6.1 Three Shifts, Three Supervisors

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Case 6.1 Three Shifts, Three Supervisors

1. Based on the principles of path-goal theory, describe why Art and Bob appear to be less effective than Carol. Carol leadership style of Participative matches up well with the task characteristics of the followers on her team. Unfortunately, Art and Bob leadership skills are not matching well with the needs of their team. Art is currently being Directive but his team needs Supportive and Bob is Supportive but needs to be more Achievement Oriented. This shift would aid in the overall success of their teams.

2. How does the leadership of each of the three supervisors affect the motivation of their respective followers?

a. Carol leadership is provided involvement with her team as a participative leader. This is great because she’s able to provide clarity to unclear situations, solutions to issues that may arise and then allows her members to fix those problems. She really puts an effort to motivate her team by listening to their and then guides them in the right direction and encourages them to reach not only their personal goals but the goals of the company.
b. Art’s directive leadership is annoying to his team they know their job and are aware of what needs to be done. It’s evident that his team respect him to appreciate him as a leader but would enjoy …show more content…

How do characteristics of the task and the subordinates influence Daniel’s Leadership? In path-goal, it is important to help subordinates overcome obstacles. In the study, it talked about how duplicating is tedious and straightforward Daniel spends a lot of time welcoming customers and talking to his part-time staff because it can become a very boring job ”supportive”. On the other hand, desktop publishing is a very complex area and his full-time employees have expertise in their area, however, have less time for social gathering throughout the day “achievement-oriented”. Nonetheless, they know if they have an issue Daniel will assist and support them

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