Character Analysis: Fist Stick Knife Gun

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Life’s what you make it Can you imagine not being able to choose whether or not you want to be a part of a life filled with violence? Some people are just sucked into it because of choices other people make. For instance, Geoffrey Canada’s mom moved him & his three brothers into to the south Bronx where the journey of violence then began. In the memoir Fist Stick Knife Gun the narrator Geoffrey Canada goes through a series of events that eventually influences him to become the man he is today. Geoffrey Continues to reflect on his experiences and shows how he learned from them being that he grew up very poorly compared to an average kid in a rough neighborhood in the south Bronx where he went through a number of life-changing or eye …show more content…

This neighborhood was full of violence, all other kids were up to no good. However Geoffrey and his three brothers weren't, they came into the neighborhood as a clean slate.They moved here around when Geoffrey was four years old and this where the term “violence” was introduced. With their mom raising them with no dad that lead for the boys to grow up with no guidance from a male figure in this tough neighborhood.The quote “Paradise didn’t last long the day after our arrival my mother sent my brother Daniel to the store with ten dollars...Dan, only nine, came back solemn and scared, and announced he’d been robbed” (13) proves that even though Geoffrey and his brothers were young that didn’t mean anything. They still would still get into altercations like this as if they were older and it’s shocking to Geoffrey. Not knowing what to do they called police because they’re not used to this behavior, the beginning of the quote where it says “paradise didn’t last long “ shows they’re new to the neighborhood wasn’t expecting something like this to happen. To see that Dan, the brother came back as the narrator describes solemn and scared shows how unusual this is. They weren’t these type of kids, the narrator uses these words to exaggerate how seriously and scared dan looked. This is where the journey began since the cops basically didn’t care they came to a realization that sometimes they might be on their own and if it happens once there’s a chance of it happening

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