Adaptation Of The Toulmin Model

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In today’s world, relying on luck and opportunity by chance to elevate your professional career has transgressed into a distant fantasy. Rather, one must self-advocate in order to reach the heights most only aspire to reach. Now, pen and paper does not get you as far as does vocalization. If two people with identical resumes apply to your law firm, but one sweeps you off your feet with their interview question responses while the other shyly responds to your inquiries, who do you hire? Exactly. This sums up the importance of critical thinking and speaking. Further, a few concepts explored throughout the duration of this course provide the opportunity for mastery in this field. In the world of communication, adaptation is the most important skill. Since conversations do not have set rules and can take on a myriad of unexpected twists, the ability to adapt your arguments to the situation becomes a vital skill. However, because some twists won’t allow for the implementation of logical positivism, the most important skill in this field is mastering the process of the Toulmin model for all arguments. Because one has the bulk of one’s audience’s attention at the beginning, I recommend instantly stating your claim and then working through it - the inductive approach. Then, progressively work …show more content…

This concept ties together the timelessness of rhetoric. Therefore, I don’t want history to skip over and forget my say. In order to ensure that my say is a roadstop on the unending conversation, I have to adequately prepare myself before taking the stage. As a result, learning new, in-depth, and effective ways to outline has emerged as the most valuable tool which this course provided me. I will contribute to this realm of rhetoric by perfecting my attention grabbing step, discovering more opportune quotes for discussion, and properly evaluating the audience at

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