Figurative Language In Revolutionary Speech

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Revolutionary Speeches How do many speeches in just one period of struggle shape America? America had its struggles becoming one without control of another country, and many colonists disagreed with the treatment from King George III. The only way the colonists would be able to gain the freedom they wanted was to have many supporters, and the only way to gain supporters was to persuade. Those men devoted all of their time and effort in writing these famous speeches, and made sure that even the uneducated men and women could understand. Ensuring that the point got across, revolutionary speeches were powerfully persuasive, had great use of figurative language, and had great truth to them. The speeches we have read and heard today are all a product of those amazing, articulate speeches that shaped America. All great speeches share a common goal and that is to persuade their audience. However, the authors of these speeches had to use lots of figurative language to create images a more clearer understanding of the topic. …show more content…

“We are apt to shut our eyes against a painful truth, and listen to the song of that siren till she transforms us into beasts.” (Henry para. 2) This very sentence taken from the amazingly written speech by Patrick Henry gives its readers an image that they can relate to and understand through imagery. Figurative language can help the writer give an explanation for one strong idea by comparing it to a less complex idea, and the revolutionary speeches had to be simple for every reader to be persuaded. But the main purpose of the figurative language would honestly have to be the force of emotion bestowed on the readers, help draw the reader in, and help them understand something complex through imagery. Emotion shown throughout the speeches had to be strong in order to capture the reader’s attention and they needed to be powerfully

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