Summary Of Pushing The Red Envelope By Chuck Tryon

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The Article, “Pushing the Red Envelope” by Chuck Tryon explains the evolution of television and its aim to become more mobile. Tryon uses Netflix and Hulu as the main examples of tv distributors and how they contribute to the concept of platform mobility. Now, Netflix and Hulu created a new way of consuming media on-the-go and outside the privacy of one’s own home. This shift to become less privatized changed the way cable television operates by providing a place when shows can be downloaded at anytime and streamed for monthly charge much lower than cable. When thinking about this idea of platform mobility I immediately think of Amazon.

Amazon, a website that originated as a place to order various items revolutionized when it added the Amazon …show more content…

Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime all provide a way for individuals to maximize their time and avoid any daily lulls in between classes, work or various wait times. In addition, the ability to watch tv shows anywhere at anytime maximizes the craving to soak up all the extra time we have in an enclosed bubble. Whereas, without this, some people might spend more time with others. These platforms provide an excuse for people to spend more time alone and change the TV/Movie watching experience from something social to something much more personal. Tryon suggests, “understanding this complex intersection between technological form and social protocols can provide us with a clearer account of everyday screen culture in the era of media mobility” (p. 137). The social etiquette has changed drastically since the increase of media mobility. People are more apt to go on their phones during meals, sit on their phones while spending time with friends, and even perform other tasks on computers while at work. The unlimited access to information alters the standards of communication and social navigation throughout space. People on buses are not expected to greet each other or even encouraged to make eye contact, but instead put in their earbuds and find a distraction for the next ten to thirty minutes. They use apps like Hulu, Netflix, and Amazon Prime to detract from the social awkwardness of having to communicate with

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