Summary Of Single, Female, Mormon, And Alone By Nicole Hardy

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After being unaccompanied with any partner for three decades, Nicole Hardy shows her loneliness in the article “Single, Female, Mormon, and Alone” because she had no luck with guys. The article revolves around her feeling like an outcast for being a virgin of 35 years in a modern society and isolated in the Mormon community for not being married yet in her mid-thirties. In the Mormon communities are very family oriented and they also believe that marriage should come before sex. But outside of Mormonism, being in a virgin in the mid-thirties is already considered as outlandish. Hardy at this time is already 35 years-old so she does not fit in neither of the communities. So at the end when her perspective on love and marriage has changed, she …show more content…

The person breaking them free from the chains represents the introduction to Mormonism because the parents were able to free themselves from the “cave”, which represents the “childhood rife with abuse, alcoholism, and neglect” (Hardy) that the parents went through. Then as they both got out of the cave and slowly adapts to see the sun they were able to see the truth, in their case Mormonism. This process makes the relationship between the parents and the belief strong because they have spent time converting to this belief and they are able to reason why they are members of the church. Hardy however, had never stated in the article that she went through any of that so she does not get to truly feel how meaningful it is for her parents. Hardy was born into Mormonism and was taught that she was a child of God, without knowing what it felt like to be on the other side first. She felt “secure, fulfilled, purposeful and connected” (Hardy) when she was younger because she just believed what she was told to view life as, things like waiting until marriage to have sex. It would take a lot of things to change for her parents to change their belief, but it would only take Hardy a change in how she perceives life in order for her to convert. If Hardy was a prisoner in the cave Plato was talking about, she would be the one naming the shadows and what they are without putting any significant reasoning behind why they are important. That is why acquiring a belief only through the individual’s perception in life makes the bond between the belief and the individual

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