Summary Of Teaching Zach To Think

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In “Teaching Zach to Think,” Alan November suggests that it is imperative for students to learn how to validate information that they are finding on the Internet. November recommends three techniques that are necessary for evaluating websites. Primarily, he encourages students to consider the website’s purpose. Secondly, he instructs students to find out more about the author of the article or website; what are their credentials or expertise? Finally, November proposes searching out what the meta-web information has to show for the credibility of the site. November concludes the necessity of students learning the ability to think critically to evaluate and interpret resources on the Internet. My Quote and Response The article “Teaching Zach to Think,” by Alan November was very insightful and informative concerning the issue …show more content…

Learning some of the many ways to validate websites has been incredibly beneficial. Such as noticing a copyright date or update of the website or article. If there’s an article that hasn’t been posted recently, with technology growing and knowledge ever expanding, is the information provided still relevant? Another technique for determining whether a website is credible or not is considering the domain and the extension in the URL. For example, if a website’s URL extension ends in .org, this tells me that the website is of an organization, that they are most likely non-profit, and therefore most likely a credible source to use. Or if the information on the websites are written poorly, such as having words spelled incorrectly or there being some grammatical errors are another way of assessing a website for credibility. Knowing this information would have been extremely helpful when I was in high school; I wish I would’ve been taught what I’m learning now back

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