Analysis Of Is Google Making USupid By Nicholas Carr

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Nicholas Carr examines the relationship between not only the way we read but also the way we think and our increasing use of the Internet in his article “Is Google Making Us Stupid?”. Carr believes that the use of the Internet has hindered our ability to concentrate and examine literature. Carr’s article contains a significant amount of anecdotal evidence, as well as some scientific research, which he includes in an attempt to support his stance; however, in my assessment the evidence Carr presents is ineffective in supporting his assertions. I will examine the flaws within Carr’s article, as well as the evidence utilized by Carr and evaluate the validity of his argument. Additionally, I will discuss research findings relevant to the subject matter to support my viewpoint that the Internet does not threaten our ability to narrow our focus and delve into a piece of literature.
Carr’s article describes his newfound struggle to focus his attention and immerse himself in longer pieces of literature (92). Carr also indicates that many of his colleagues are struggling …show more content…

I happen to agree with Carr’s assertion that the Internet is changing how we think, however, what I don’t agree with is that this change is for the worse. Carr discusses neuroplasticity and how Internet use is altering the way our brains process information (95). Carr appears to imply that this change would have negative impacts purely because the Internet is the catalyst; however “plasticity is generally seen as a positive feature” (Lehrer). Perhaps I am not grasping why “Carr is interested in its[neuroplasticity] dark side” (Lehrer) , maybe he fears that if the Internet vanished for some reason we would be unable to function; however, in this case the same thing would happen, i.e. our brain would re-adapt to a world without the

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