Analysis Of Is Google Making USupid By Nicholas Carr

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The Analysis- Nowadays, the internet becomes an indispensable tool in our world, especially in politics and business world. There is the common phenomenon always happen in our life. Most people prefer to communicate on the phone rather than communicate with peers face to face. People also prefer read electronic books and news rather than read it in the papers. Therefore, the internet becomes a controversy point today. Most people are arguing whether the internet is harmful to human’s life or not. The most representative article of this controversy topic was Nicholas Carr - < Is Google Making Us Stupid?> in 2008. In this article, Carr stated that the internet has begun to change our ways in many aspects. For example, the Internet has begun …show more content…

The first part is to use anecdotes to support his argument. The second part is to use the psychological experiments to present how Internet use affects cognition. In the anecdotes of Carr’s article, he not only used the pathos, but also used the logos-based rhetoric elements. Carr provided the anecdotes for two to three pages. When I read these anecdotes, I really feel like our thinking ways are controlled by the Internet. When I read “Immersing myself in a book or a lengthy article used to be easy…The deep reading that used to come naturally has become a struggle” (Carr 57) these sentences, it really touched my heart. It is rarely people will have their own critical thinking after reading an article, most people just chose skim to read …show more content…

In the article, a small list of the years provided: 1882, 1976, and 1936. If Carr can provide some examples happened anywhere near the creation of the internet, it will be more supportive of his article. The weakness of Carr’s article is that lack of some modern evidence to support his arguments, otherwise, he really makes his argument consistent well and presents well under rhetorical strategies. The most importance thing I learn from Carr’s article is how to use rhetorical strategies well to support your arguments. At the end, Carr also shows an example of an opinion that is in a very minute minority, still manages to hold a persuasive

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