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Is Google Making Us Stupid?
Carmen Semaan
In the article entitled Is Google Making Us Stupid? the author talks about how using the internet affects our ability to think and focus. The author shows this using his studies and own personal experiences as a writer. He explains that people who use the internet more often most likely have a lack of concentration. The author points out how the human brain is constantly changing and since using the internet makes searching for information very simple and quick, over time, our brain gets used to taking in information this way. He tells us about how Google is like the Internet’s church and how their end goal is to turn the internet into an artificial intelligence. The author argues that even though the internet may be beneficial, deep reading rather than skimming over words written on the internet gives a much more different and better outcome. He explains that our intelligence will slowly but eventually be crushed and turn into artificial information. (Carr, 2008) I disagree with the author’s idea that the internet is …show more content…

I think we get a lot more information from the internet, especially google, than we do from books because of how much easier and simpler it is to do so. In my opinion, the internet is much more useful as far as research goes. While books are full of information regarding every subject, so is the internet, and information is far more easily accessible through the internet. People don’t look as deeply into articles because they don’t need to anymore to find useful information. The less time you spend looking for one thing, the more you have to look for others. In both cases, you still read information and find what you’re looking for, just in a less time consuming and more productive

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