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Is Google Making Us Stupid? The article "Is Google Making Us Stupid"? By Nicholas Carr depicts that the internet has become the most approved sources for modern research and studies as it contains all the information which might be needed. Carr uses ethos, logos and pathos to show his audience how the internet has changed our lives. However, despite its usefulness, the internet has been viewed to affect the individual's ability to search for information in from other sources such as books, articles and other trusted sources as they have fully relied too much on the internet. On the other hand, Steven Pinker on his article "Mind Over Mass Media," depicts that the digital media inclusive of the internet has helped individuals to be smart as they can get any information they need within seconds. Nicholas portrays that …show more content…

This is because the constant interruptions and distractions will turn the individuals into becoming shallow thinkers. It is coherent that when an individual's concentration together with contemplation is reduced, people tend to ignore important information as they see the internet when compared to books that demand consistency. This shows that Google has taken a step in shaping the minds and habits of individuals which implies that without Google, people will hardly think of anything. This shows that Google has made us stupid. Continuous use of the internet as well leads to a negative impact on the individuals emotional as well as functional status as they will become less intelligent and will, therefore, think less as they rely on Google to show them what they need to know. It has also been found out that the internet users have a high level of stress and anxiety due to psychological disorders which include impulse control and can also affect their tendency to acquire knowledge. They, in essence, become shallow thinkers and moreover

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