Nicholas Carr's Arguments Concerning The Internet

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A technological wave has approached us and that wave is known as the Internet. In the recent years, the use of the Internet has increased tremendously as many people use it for numerous reasons. Research that once required days now can be done in minutes. However, some people worry that tool is not benefiting our lives, but is rather making us “stupid.” An American writer, Nicholas Carr, is one of these advocates who believes the Internet is making our mind mush. He writes in the Atlantic, a literary and cultural magazine, foretelling of his and others personal experiences with using the Net. In this paper, I will go against three claims from the article that Carr uses to support his argument. These claims include: that the internet causes us to be distracted, that deep reading which used to come naturally has become a struggle, and lastly …show more content…

He observes from his own experience of how deep reading that once came naturally is becoming a struggle. His claim may be persuasive and touching to some, but his use of experience is not enough evidence that the Internet has changed our minds. Even though it comes from people that spent their lives around writing and reviewing books, it is not a reasonable claim to believe the human society is not as intellectual and that we are more so skimming thought material only because technology has advanced throughout the years. Carr should revise his argument and get scientific or psychological proof that states that the Internet is “changing our minds.” If the article was better structured it might have been more convincing. As it stands, his claims just were disconnected from his argument. If his purpose is to make the audience think, he was very effective; but if it is not to persuade or educate them he simply wasted his and the readers

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