Summary Of The Book 'The Outsiders'

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“Come on, Johnny, we’re running away” (51). Explanation: Ponyboy is telling Johnny that he is suggesting that they run away, right after Darry slaps him so hard that he hit the ground for coming home two hours late. Right before Darry slapped Ponyboy, they got into a heated argument that involved Darry yelling at Soda too, and it is very rare someone yells at Soda. Ponyboy ran out of his house and went straight to where Johnny was because he was talking to Ponyboy about how he wanted to run away. Response and Analysis: Ponyboy is normally quiet, reserved, and non-violent, but after getting emotionally slapped in the face by Cherry for being a greaser and then physically slapped to the ground by Darry, Ponyboy had enough. Initially, I though that Ponyboy was not using his head on this one, but in the end, I think he really was. He is making a statement to Darry on how he feels he is being treated. By running away, he is not only breaking curfew rules, he is showing Darry that he deserves to be …show more content…

Johnny transforms from the quiet greasers’ pet to the smart, tough boy who has taken the life of another human being. Ironically, both boys get what they wished for, a new life. This also marks another chapter in Ponyboy’s coming of age. He now is associated with the death of someone who was killed on purpose, at just fourteen. He will have to live with this for the rest of his life. I think this is the first climax to the book and a point of no return for the two boys. From here, the story could go anywhere, and I suspect part of it will end up with Ponyboy and Johnny linking up with the greasers to explain their story. Also, Johnny stayed true to his word when he said he would never let another Soc beat him up. I also learned that Johnny would become a new father figure for

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