Summary Of The Face On The Milk Carton By Caroline B Cooney

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The book The Face On The Milk Carton by Caroline B. Cooney is a captivating novel that I have read. The introduction starts out with the main character ,Janie Johnson, recognizing herself on a milk carton. She remembers the dress and then starts to question if her parents are really her parents. The rising action begins with Janie looking around the house for clues on her past that may give her answers about the milk carton. Then the story continues with the climax, where her alleged parents reveal that they are actually her grandparents. Lastly, the novel comes to a close with Janie’s grandmother calling Janie’s real mother. The introduction is shocking when Janie discovers the milk carton with her face on it and remembers the dress. “ She remembered that dress… how the collar itched… remembered the fabric; it was summer fabric; the wind blew through it… remembered how those braids swung like red silk against her cheeks, “ (Cooney 11). At first Janie keeps this to herself because she can’t believe that her parents …show more content…

Janie’s parents aren’t really her parents they are her grandparents. Her real mother is Hannah and she was apart of some religious cult. So Hannah gave her child to her parents to take care of her because she wanted to return to the cult. This still doesn’t explain why she’s on the milk carton. Not long after Janie and her boyfriend ,Reeve, go looking for her real mother. Janie’s now called grandmother is worried sick and is trying to get in contact with Janie.They find her mother’s house and is parked nearby. They then see a bus stop at the house and three red headed boys get off. After seeing this Janie and Reeve head home. The resolution begins with Janie talking to her grandmother about what happened. Before you know it Janie’s grandmother is calling her mom. She then hands the phone to Janie. The story ends with Janie saying “Hi. It’s… your daughter. Me. Jennie.”, (Cooney

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