Summary Of The Jungle By Upton Sinclair

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In “The Jungle” Sinclair tells us numerous of times how he feels he could fix the United States of America that was through showing his opinion on socialism. Sinclair obviously believed in the american dream but he wanted to introduce us to what he called “democratic socialism” he had very convincing arguments for socialism and how it would help the U.S get back on track to what it once believed . His purpose of writing “The Jungle” was not to inform people about the products they were eating, but to spread what he believed and try to spread it all across america. The outcome of the book was not the intended purpose although it was still a positive outcome. Sinclair gives very good reasons for socialism and he starts with how socialism is not the same as communism and it actually is far different than communis. Sinclair believes that communism is a way more extreme form of socialism. Socialism, according to sinclair, believed in need for private ownership but only advocate the need for state ownership and the many things that were vital to the components of the society. He felt that America should be the land of opportunity for all people if they were willing to work. A strong work ethic was required. “If a fellow won’t work, he has no right to anything.” However when a worker that …show more content…

This is true because he tells the story of a man named Jurgis and how he struggled ,even though he had a miraculous work ethic. If he wanted people to see the horrifying scenes of the meat packaging industry he would have just simply wrote about the industry but he does not he explains how socialism would help the people who actually cared and wanted to work hard and provide for their family. But, those who did not want to work and had horrible work ethic, those were the people that Sinclair was against and believed should not make money if they truly do not earn

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