Upton Sinclair's Accomplishments

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Upton Sinclair was born in Baltimore, Maryland in a small row house on September 20, 1878. In addition to this, from an early age he was exposed to differences that would have a long lasting effect on his juvenile mind and drastically influence his thinking as time progressed. Moreover, he was the only child to an alcoholic liquor salesman of a father, and a determined mother, he was raised on the premise of poverty, yet was also exposed to the advantages of the upper class through frequent gatherings with his mother’s wealthy family (biography.com). Equally important, is at the age of ten Sinclair’s father uprooted the family from Baltimore to New York City. During this time, Sinclair started to establish a sharp mind and was an insatiable …show more content…

Most important, is that Sinclair’s political opinions that would result in his first literary success. The hatred he developed for the upper class during his youth led Sinclair to socialism in the year 1903, and in 1904 he was sent to Chicago by the socialist newspaper Appeal to Reason in order to write an expose on how workers in the meatpacking industry were mistreated. After conducting undercover research on this subject matter over the course of several weeks, Sinclair dedicated his time and energy into writing the manuscript that would eventually become The Jungle. Although being rejected by publishers initially, the novel was finally released in 1906 by Doubleday to critical acclaim and …show more content…

They begin dancing at their wedding feast which is situated in Packingtown, which is Chicago’s meatpacking district. Reading the novel there are clear indications that things are not all good between this couple. In fact, after arriving in the United States they come to the realization that the streets are not paved with gold literally. They make the decision to seek employment in Chicago’s busy industrial yards, where many cattle are being slaughtered on a daily basis and put into cans and packaged. The family’s living conditions are not great, so they begin looking for a new place to live which is way beyond their current

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