Summary Of The Rich Brother By Tobias Wolff

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In the short story, “The Rich Brother,” written by Tobias Wolff, two brothers are split from the difference between fortune and faith. One brother, Pete, is a wealthy man with a nice paying job who has everything going for him in life because of his hard work. On the other hand his brother, Donald does not have a steady job and spends more of his time obeying to the faith of God. Pete mainly takes care of Donald when he is in need; therefore, when Donald called, Pete instantly arrived to pick him up. While on their journey Pete grows tired of his manipulative brother and eventually drops his off to fin for himself. The word rich means having financial gain and overall having genuinely good morals. Based off of this definition of rich, in this short story Pete is considered the rich brother because he takes care of his brother ,Donald, whenever he needs it and has his own real estate company which requires loads of work to be done. …show more content…

. . made a lot of money, but not any more than he thought he deserved” (Wolff 324). This implies that Pete is a hard worker and happens to also be extremely rich in wealth. With his hard work, he acknowledges his work ethic and believes the amount he makes is simply what he deserves rather than not working hard for what he is receiving. His willingness to work hard can be mainly aimed so that he can provide for himself and his family and keep on on the house and sailboat that is mentioned in the story. Pete and his wife have their own franchise of real estate which makes it known that they may have an abundance of money. Pete is the rich brother because he is more financially stable which comes with his hard work and efforts to provide for his family. His strong efforts are geared to benefit his family rather than to just better improve

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