Summary Of The Strange Career Of Jim Crow

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Book Review In C. Vann Woodward’s, The Strange Career of Jim Crow, C. Vann Woodward gives his complete insight of the historical events, the racially proclaimed issues that took place, and his analysis of the history of Jim Crow laws, during the end of the Civil War all the way to the ending of the Civil Rights. Summary of Book The Strange Career of Jim Crow is written in six detailed chapters, in which the introduction of Jim Crow is evolving and becoming more apparent to the South. “Of Old Regimes and Reconstructions” elaborates on the segregation of the South right after the Civil War and the North being blamed for the cause of segregation. Jim Crow practices and laws first appeared in the antebellum North and in the few cities of the antebellum …show more content…

The high rise of violence from the KKK because of the equality the blacks protested for. The result of the ruling of Brown vs. Board of Education led to Jim Crow. “The Declining Years of Jim Crow” this chapter elaborated on the negative side of the Jim Crow Law. Describing how it was rebelled against, although some didn’t. Which led to the Voting Rights Act. “The Career Becomes Stranger,” covers the very high rise of violence from the blacks and whites. Riots across the nation because of the civil rights issues. Beginning in the late 1930s, the system of Jim Crow came under increasing challenge; the white South in the mid-twentieth century turned away from the isolated path (pp …show more content…

The conservatives believed that the blacks were inferior. However, didn’t believe they should have been treated unequal. The radical’s wanted equality as well but white supremacy took over them as well. The liberal’s goal was for racial equality, but they were outnumbered to the opposing Southerners. C. Vann Woodward gives a great detailed view on the Civil Rights Movement and how the government’s plan is to Reconstruct the South and protect the rights of the African

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