Summary Of Utterly Humble By Mystery

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In the essay, “Utterly Humbled by Mystery” by Richard Rohr, I found this essay to be extremely interesting to read. Rohr talks about the mystery in “God’s World,” he goes on to explain how the mysteries of the world puzzle him. Rohr also states that most people believe that life should follow suit. Reading this essay has brought up a lot of great points about following suit in life, how God changes things on us, and the impact on my life God has left and the thoughts after reading the two passages from the Bible.
Rohr talks about the mysteries in life and how we become accustom to life day to day. We see that in life that we are thrown a curve ball at the last minute. I feel that Rohr is trying to show us that we not to be comfortable in life and always be on our toes. The mysteries that he talks about is how do we believe in God when we cannot see him. I have always been taught that just because we cannot see him, doesn’t mean he is not there. The same thought is wind, can you see wind blowing, you can see the trees move, but can you actually see wind? The answer is no, the same thing with God. We just know and this is a great mystery. …show more content…

We go to him with all of our problems, our accomplishments, and give him thanks for what he has provided for us. With that being said, we also go to him with our grief and take it out on our God. I know I am guilty of this to. I tend to question his decisions in my life, for taking family members away from me, letting my family go without things we need and how bad my life gets sometimes. How can God do this to me, is always my question. I have finally came to answer and it has taken me sometime to figure it out. God has a plan for all of us, it might not be what we think it should be, but he knows what is best for each and every one of us. I am the first to say, I don’t agree sometimes, but in the end, I know he knows. This is a big mystery in

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