Summary Of Wintergirls By Laurie Halse Anderson

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Can uncontrollable self accusations eventually overtake over your everyday mental state? Can your thoughts really in time take full control over you, your entire body and each and every judgment in life? In Laurie Halse Anderson novel Wintergirls we are transferred into the protagonist's mind of Lia. A young 18 year old high school student that suffers from an eating disorder. Lia is tortured so severely from her disease that her day to day ambition is her own weight. Not only the foundation of Lia's eating disorder is this control she believes that has been maintained, but also restricting her food intake presents her with a sense of strength. This everyday high off Lia's self control is so important because of the lack of many unmanageable …show more content…

This perspective, whereas we could assume is Lia's personal choice to ignore the feeling's tied to Cassie, connects us into seeing the control that has overhauled Lia into the inability of owning the skill to see appropriate clear choice's. Equally explaining that her disease has fogged Lia's mental ability into making personal fitting decision's and left her with out of hand ones because of the strong over take that burden's one's mentality throughout the illness. Important to realize the phrase “when I was a real girl...” Came to our attention more than once, this really stuck out in the novel for, the evidence it gives showing that Lia knows she's different, shes fully aware her life is changed as from when she's referring to the past and this expresses how the fact of her being “real” would be putting food in her body regularly, sleeping properly, and enjoying the family she has. However Lia is not real in her view. As much as Lia continues to believe she's maintaining this control over her intake we approach chapter 044.00. Over Lia's intent to eat only the 6 pomegranate seeds off the cupcake evolves in her consuming every last cupcake. Furthermore we grasp onto the vulnerable amounts of self harm through cutting, and abuse of laxatives as a result of this order she requires to own on herself.

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