Summary Of Writing Deep By Susan Rosenblatt

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One of the strongest and most moving analogies that Rosenblatt uses in his piece is one where speaks on their certain death, yet still, they wrote. “We the last occupants of the Warsaw Ghetto had finally seen their families and companions die of disease or starvation, or be carried off in trucks to extermination camps, and there could be no doubt of their own fate, still they took scraps of paper on which they wrote poems, thoughts, fragments of lives, rolled them into tight scrolls and slipped them into the crevices of the ghetto walls.” (Rosenblatt). In this moment, the survivors have experienced so much in pain and loss. Rosenblatt also explains why he thinks that humans tell stories and experiences. It is difficult to motivate oneself to …show more content…

“In the black chamber of the submarine, Kolesnikov noted, “I am writing blindly.” Like everyone else.” (Rosenblatt). Literally, he was in a black chamber where he may not have seen what he was writing, but figuratively speaking, he had no idea whom might be reading his letter. This is where “writing blindly” becomes more understandable as the reader can interpret his writing much differently from his intended reader being his family and the people who really knew him. Rosenblatt relates to Kolesnikov as he believes that everyone is writing blindly for that same reason. 2. “Communication is the soul and engine of democracy.” Discuss the meaning of this statement. Suggest reasons why the author has used this double metaphor. Communication is the soul of democracy because without communication democracy would not exist as a governing style. “government by the people; especially: rule of the majority” (“Democracy.” Def.1. Merriam-Webster, 1539.). A Government by the people requires communication for thoughts to be distributed and debated on whether or not it should be implemented. Communication being the soul of how democracy came to be. Communication is the engine of democracy because speaking out invokes change. It is the driving force for change

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