Summary: The Legalization Of Marijuana

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The National drugs and substance institute notes that many slag names across the globe have been used to refer to marijuana which include, Mary Jane, herb, pot and grass among others ( Booth, 2015). Marijuana is a greenish- grey which is a mixture of the dried shredded leaves and flowers of cannabis sativa. There are many ways in which its users use it. Some use it in hand- rolled cigarettes which they refer to as joints. Others use pipes, water pipes and marijuana cigars commonly referred to as blunts (Hoffmann, 2003). It is important to note that marijuana can be used brewing tea especially for medical purposes where it is commonly mixed with edibles such as brownies, candies and cookies (Hoffmann, 2003). However, marijuana is a drug …show more content…

A country in point that prohibits the possession of marijuana is Kenya. Some countries though have legitimized the drug. These countries include Colorado, Washington, Oregon, and Washington DC that advocates for the removal of marijuana from the criminal justice and upholds that it should be regulated in a similar way as tobacco and alcohol (Blickman, et, al, 2009). For instance in Colorado marijuana was legitimized in 2012 while in Alaska, Washington DC and Oregon, marijuana was permitted in 2014. The countries that have receipted marijuana in their public policy not as a drug but as a cash crop argued for a long time that for a long time, the ‘drug’ create job opportunities and economic opportunities in the formal market rather than the illicit market and bringing it under the rule of law (Blickman, et, al, 2009). The jurisdictions that have already adopted marijuana opines that criminalizing marijuana highly disproportionately harms young people, people of color, and augments corruption and violence (Berman, 2009). The Drug policy alliance is on the fore front of advocating on the legitimizing marijuana and its regulation. In conclusion, Marijuana testing is becoming popular for markets that are legitimizing marijuana. This so that they can allow the consumers to be more informed about the cannabinoid profile and potency of marijuana.

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