Symbolism In Joseph Campbell's 'Master Of Two Worlds'

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Joseph Campbell’s Master Of Two Worlds means “[the hero] coming back with new knowledge requires the hero to balance the two worlds. The hero’s mastery of the outside world qualifies them to be giants in their own.(Campbell HJ)” Eddie’s master of two worlds was when he had met the fourth person in heaven, Ruby. She had informed him that he had to confront his father for all the times he had neglected Eddie and his family throughout his life on earth (Albom 144). Eddie’s father’s wrath towards Eddie specifically had begun when Eddie had come back from the war handicapped. Since when Eddie was a young man his father would always challenge him with maintenance problems and say to “fix it” and Eddie would always end up fixing them, replying then with “it’s fixed”. …show more content…

As a result, of his father’s indifference towards him, Eddie’s reaction upon seeing him in heaven was anger and disgust. But, Ruby had taught Eddie that in order to move on he had to forgive and learn why his father had caused their family so much pain.Eddie was able to understand his father’s behavior in the past. He was able to see that his father was indeed in pain throughout his life on earth and because of this he was alone and unaware to anything but his own pain and suffering. Ruby’s purpose was to get Eddie to confront his father and not be judgemental and quick to jump to conclusions, so he would be able to see from his father’s point of view and forgive him. Eddie then later meets the fifth person in heaven, Tala. Tala was the one that had confirmed to Eddie that yes, in fact, he had saved the girl from the accident that had, in the turn of events, caused his own death (Albom 192). In being told this important bit of information Eddie was able to accept the course of events that had happened and was able to finally move on and stay in heaven’s very own version of Ruby Pier with his wife Margaret.

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