Eddie Aikau Life And Accomplishments

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Eddie Aikau was a professional surfer who inspired countless numbers of people with his skills on a surfboard. His full name was Edward Ryon Makuahanai Aikau. He was attempting to make it around the world on the Hokulea. He didn’t make it. When the ship capsized Eddie attempted to swim for help. He didn’t make that trip either. He had been a winner in the Duke Kahanamoku competition and was widely recognized around the islands. He was one of the greatest surfing legends of all time. When people think of great surfers the always think of Eddie Aikau. His mana inspired many. They sometimes even try to be as great as Eddie but none could accomplish that. I would like to think that Eddie was a kind and warm hearted person. According to many he was that and more. …show more content…

He was very well known. We still today have competitions in his honor. He was a good sport in and out of the water. His parents were Sol Aikau and Henrietta Aikau. They were as friendly and warm hearted as Eddie. His siblings Clyde Aikau and Myra Aikau were not as skilled on the surfboard but shared Eddie’s gift of making friends with everyone they meet. I believe Eddie has affected more than his family, more than his community, more than just the Hawaiian Islands but the whole world. He has inspired countless people children and adults alike. Eddie has left more than one mark on the world. If he were alive today he would be as great on land as he would be in the sea. As the saying says “Eddie Would Go”. Eddie went farther than most people. This is what the saying means to me. Hopefully there will be more people who can live up to his

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