Symbolism In M Night Shyamalan

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God can appear in many ways, some may believe in a higher power and others may not. The predominant controversy that takes place in “Signs” is, are we alone in the universe? The author, producer, and director of this sci-fi/ thriller is M. Night Shyamalan. In the film, Shyamalan effectively conveys his themes of a man and his journey to gain his faith back, this is done through the use of symbolism, flashback, and imagery. One main literacy method Shyamalan uses is symbolism. He uses symbolism by showing symbols used to represent religious ideas and the struggle of faith. In the movie this is shown through Morgan’s book about aliens, this actually represents the word of God, the bible. Another main example is the bird flying into the invisible space ship. This represents the presents of God, how he’s always watching you and although you cannot see him, he is still there. This ties in with the theme of a man and his journey to gaining his old faith again by seeing the examples of religious ideas all around him. Another essential literary device used by the author used to reveal the subject matter of the movie is flashbacks. On three separate occasions Shyamalan shows Graham as he arrives to the scene of his wife dying. Throughout the movie …show more content…

This goes with the central idea because it constantly places the concept of a religious journey. He constantly displays pictures of Graham as a priest, before he lost his faith. Alone with many other images such as, his wife’s unfinished dress, comparing to her unfinished life. Also, in one of the beginning scenes, as an empty place on the wall where a cross used to hang. Each image displaces why Graham lost his belief and over time the signs he sees causes him to slowly understand that everything happens for a reason. This ties into the theme because it emphasizes the significance of a man gaining his faith back by steadily introducing Godly

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