Symbolism In There Will Come Soft Rains And A Rose For Emily

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In the story, There Will Come Soft Rains and in A Rose for Emily the author uses symbolism to show social downfall. The author’s purpose for writing There Will Come Soft Rains was to show how society is being destroyed and how we are the cause of that. In the story A Rose for Emily the author's purpose was to show how you have to love yourself before you can understand how to love others also how damaging it can be if you do not know how to love yourself because you will just be relying on that one person for what they made you believe happiness and love was. In the story, There Will Come Soft Rains symbolism is shown through the house to vividly convey the theme of social downfall. Symbolism in this story is the house which represents society. …show more content…

All though we only see it talk about the rose in the title and it does not mention anything else about a rose throughout the story we can still tell what that rose is a symbol of. The rose in the title is a symbol of how Emily has yet to find how to love herself. Emily’s father kept her inside that house forcing her to only love him. From the story we got that her father was the only love she knew. Which was why she did not want to let that go and she refused to admit he was dead. This all went back to her not knowing what true love was. She never got a chance to experience what love was. When Homer came around she began to know what love felt like and she was afraid of it going away which I believe was why she killed him. She did not kill him just because and the reader can tell because at the end of the story it is revealed that she still slept next to him. This shows social downfall because she stayed away from people due to her father and even after she never went out or talked to other people she wanted to keep to herself and stay inside her home. I believe this was due to her not knowing how to accept the reality that others could see. Everyone around her could see something was wrong with her but she kept away to keep away from hearing all that stuff people had to

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