Symbolism In Wuthering Heights

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Throughout history, there has been dark and disturbing humans acting upon others. While some might not have been as terrible as mass-murders or other disgusting humans that live amongst us, they still are influential to the progression of society. In this case, the character of Heathcliff was necessary to create in order to benefit social needs during the time Wuthering Heights was written. All who read this book are left with the desire to do whatever is possible so they will not become a Heathcliff, resulting in a shift in personality, for the better.
Since the publication of Wuthering Heights, men have come to realize that Heathcliff’s lifestyle and personality should not be idolized. For starters, Heathcliff neglected his wife, Isabella, almost as quickly as he married her. This pushed him to become even more depressed, because he was not happy in this marriage, and would rather be with Catherine. So, Heathcliff had settled for someone he never liked, then causing him to hurt another human in the house. In addition, his unhealthy obsession with someone that would never be with him forced him to be in constant agony. The reader is told Catherine was, to some extent, killed by Heathcliff, to which he responds, “. . . may you not rest as long as I am living. You said I killed you- haunt me then.” Obviously, his infatuation with his sister drove him to become isolated and unstable. On top of this, his unresolved animosity towards Edgar for asking for Catherine’s hand in

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