Tale Of Two Cities Deception Quotes Analysis

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Sometimes people can surprise in unexpected ways in life. In the novel “A Tale of Two Cities,” a historical fiction by Charles Dickens, the characters exhibit said unexpected actions. . Dickens defies expectations to prove that things aren't always what they seem, which is shown as a theme in the novel. The actions and personality traits of Madame Defarge, Sydney Carton, and Charles Darnay portray this thematic statement. Deception is thematic throughout the novel “A Tale of Two Cities,” by Charles Dickens.
One of the main characters of this novel, Madame Defarge, desired revenge on the Evremonde family and used deception to help achieve this. . Madame Defarge executed this action perfectly and was wicked about how she did it. She was …show more content…

Sydney Carton is madly in love with Lucie Manette, but she is marrying Charles Darnay. Carton hides his true love of Lucie from her to make her happy. Carton wants her to be happy even if he is not the man who makes her happy. One quote that proves this is “Charles Darnay made some mention of this conversation in general terms, and spoke of Sydney Carton as a problem of carelessness and recklessness. He spoke of him, in short, not bitterly, or meaning to bear hard upon him, but as anybody might who saw him as he showed himself.” (Dickens 195.) Charles is unsure about Carton, but he puts those feelings aside for Lucie, and Carton does not care if Charles doesn't like him, but he doesn't treat him poorly because of Lucie. Carton told Charles that he does not like him in the beginning of the novel, so this makes Charles have these poor feelings towards Carton. He wants the best for Lucie and he sees that she is happy with Charles so he makes the best of things for them. More exactly, “It would be madness if I asked you to escape; but do I? When i ask you to pass out at that door, tell me it is madness and remain here. Change that cravat for this of mine, that coat for this of mine.” (Dickens 322.) Since Carton does not want to see Lucie heartbroken he takes Charles place of being executed. Hereafter, Carton dies in place of Darnay and Carton is the forever hero which …show more content…

He keeps his secret life away from everyone, but it comes back to bite him. He keeps from everyone a secret that could change his life but he doesn't come off as a secretive person. To show, “My present name, though but slightly changed from my mothers, is not, as you remember, my own. I wish to tell you what that is, and why I am in England.” (Dickens 128.) Charles only told Dr. Manette that he is part of the St. Evremonde family, as he said he would the day he got married to Lucie Charles changed his name because he was embarrassed how his family treated peasants. Once Madame Defarge found out his true identity she wanted to kill him, because of the way they treated Madame Defarge's family. Another secret, which was a successful one, was Charles near death experience. Carton took Darnay's place when he was sent to the guillotine because of aristocracy. Specifically, “Carton! Dear Carton! It is madness. It can not be accomplished, it never can be done, it has been attempted, and has always failed. I implore you not to add your death to the bitterness of mine.” (Dickens 323.) Henceforth, Charles got away and lived happily ever

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