Tale Of Two Cities Recalled To Life Analysis

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What does it mean to be recalled to life? Does a person pursue their destiny to right their wrongs when they are recalled to life? Does the person pledge to better himself by atoning for his past wrongdoings? Struggling with feelings is difficult, but we all will be recalled to life. The characters from Charles Dickens’ ’“A Tale of Two Cities” prove this point. We must forgive our enemies and right our past wrongdoings just like Dr. Manette and Charles Darnay did. “A Tale of Two Cities” by Charles Dickens tells a tale about the French Revolution through the lives of everyday citizens. The narrative takes place in London and Paris, as characters journey to fulfill their callings. Charles Darnay, a French nobleman, was arrested due to his aristocratic family’s crimes. He struggle to rise above the crimes of his family ultimately led to his sentence to the guillotine. Although Darnay was a nobleman; in his youth, he recognized the crimes being committed by other aristocrats were wrong, and he denounced them, deciding to move to England and rejecting his family’s title. Upon Darnay’s return to France for trial, one of the key witnesses against him was a Doctor Alexandre Manette, whose daughter; Lucy was the wife of Darnay. Long before the trial, Dr, Manette was a rebel who wished to incite the overthrow of the French King.…show more content…
Darnay suffered due to his aristocratic family’s misdeeds, while Manette suffered to his past life as a revolutionary rebel. The aristocratic crimes of Darnay’s family took him to trial and a sentence of death by guillotine. He suffered due to the wrong doings of others. Manette suffered due to his own past life as a prisoner in the Bastille. His heart hardened and he was damned to despair. The eighteen years of imprisonment drove him to insanity. Both Darnay and Manette led different past lives and both suffered due to the
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