Target Corporation And Werner Enterprises, Inc.: Financial Analysis

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The company selections for this project were based on company history and the type of products and services they provide. Each of these companies, (General Motors Company, Target Corporation and Werner Enterprises, Inc.) officers a different type of product or service and manages inventory, if any, using different accounting methods. General Motors Company is a car manufacturer that designs, builds, and sells various vehicle models as well as vehicle parts and financial services available to customers during and after a vehicle is purchase (10-K Report, Page 1-5). On the merchandiser side, Target Corp. has managed to become one of the most popular retailers selling a variety of products at affordable prices. Part of its strategy is to differentiate itself from other competitors, provide a unique shopping experience and effectively …show more content…

Lastly, service provider Werner Enterprises, Inc. is a transportation and logistics company that focuses on providing the best customer experience and most reliable equipment, trucks, and trailers that allow a smooth and timely logistical process (10-K Report, Pages 1-5). The company’s focus is to ensure that sensitive deliveries are met in a timely manner as well as having enough equipment to provide the services during high demand to all its customers in the United States, Canada and Mexico (Werner enterprises, Inc., 2022). According to the 10-K report for General Motors Company, Target Corp. and Werner Enterprises, Inc., the information provided on their income statement is reported using slightly different sale revenues and expenses categories. Each company’s inventory process requires a similar, yet different way of accounting for any revenue earned and expense incurred. Geneal Motors Company lists sales revenues for their main products and services, which are the automotive and financial segments of the business. The total reported in 2022 was $143,975 million for the car production and $12,760 million

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