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Coming out of college, I wasn't entirely sure what I wanted to do for a job. My father was a teacher at a middle school and recommended that I'd do some substitute teaching to get some income during the time that I would search for a job. Over time, substituting at the school my father worked at, I enjoyed the experience of doing different classrooms and interacting with the kids and other teachers. I came to discover, unlike other jobs, teaching allowed the day to be lively and exciting but at the same time very productive, with a lot of purpose, avoiding the monotonous routine. It was also a pleasure to see students understand new concepts and change over a period of time. Plus it seemed teaching had come easy to me because over the years I had developed skills in several different areas including sports and music, so I knew the essence of learning something. I quickly came to realize that teaching was something I could develop a passion for. “Be reasonable” is an important key because people, not just in the classroom, feel that they need to everyone to respond how they see fit. This is just unrealistic. Thankfully, I understand that it’s possible some students won't care for one word that I have to say and that not all of them will reach the goals expected by the teacher or the district. I believe having this mindset ahead of time will allow me to relax and not succumb to depression if I don't meet expectations. New …show more content…

In the profession of teaching, it is important to make sure that life outside of school is thoroughly organized since so much work is planned outside the classroom. Students and faculty depend on teacher’s timeliness and punctuality because the school operates as a collective whole. A disorganized personal life can spill over and affect life inside the classroom. Having this understanding would allow me to balance myself and my personal life, so that I bring my complete commitment to the

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