Techniques Used By Reginald Rose Create Suspense In 12 Angry Men

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In Reginald Rose’s play “12 Angry Men” we meet two completely different characters, juror eight who is the protagonist of the play, and juror three the antagonist. How did Rose write the scenes to create suspense between the characters? In this essay we will discuss how in three of the scenes from the play that these two characters go head to head on certain topics. In the first scene we see the whole jury room watching eight recreate the old man getting out of bed and going to the door which was later counted to thirty-nine seconds. But at one part eight says “Are you his executioner”(Rose 42)? Three comes back and says “I’m one of em’”(Rose 42). Here they are fighting back and forth, but eight instigates three enough that three says “I’ll …show more content…

Which brings back to eights argument that the boy may have said ot out of anger, but not meaning it literally. In the next scene three and the rest of the jurors decide to reenact the murder with the knife. But three messes it up when he uses the wrong technique and so four takes over, but something always seemed to be wrong with the demonstration. Someone did not always agree. Eight refers to the old mans testimony how the hesaid it was only 15 seconds before he got to his door so now they believe he is a liar and his testimony is not valid with the case. Eight, and three continuously go back and forth on what they should believe, and almost admit to a hung jury, but eight, and three refuses to let their guard down to another. The next and final scene is where we see these two men are at the end when it has come down to a final vote and everyone in the room has voted not guilty due to reasonable doubt, but three is still on his own being

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