Ted Bundy Research Paper

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David Park
Professor Harris
November 29, 2016
Ted Bundy
Theodore Robert Cowell famously known as Ted Bundy was born in Burlington, Vermont on November 24, 1946. Ted was born to a single mother at the age of 22 and raised by his grandparents. Ted grew up knowing that his grandparents were his parents and his mother was his sister until the end of High School. He didn’t know who his biological father was, so it was rumored that his mentally unstable and abusive grandfather was his biological father. He had described his grandfather with events of him abusing and mutilating animals with knives which captivated him to knives. His Aunt Julia recalls waking up one day from a nap and had knives arranged around her body while 3-year-old Ted starred at her with a smile. In his 1980s interview he said very shy, anti-social, bullied, not likeable, and people didn’t find him attractive when he was a kid. As Ted got older he yearned for power and control, those stressors had now made him the most nefarious serial killer of all time.
During college he dated Stephanie Brooks who was everything to him but after graduation she had broken up with Ted to go back to California to her family. This breakup had dramatically changed his life. Soon after the breakup he had become a master …show more content…

During his short stay at the house he left a key evidence that would legitimately prosecute him for good. The evidence was a distinct bite mark left behind on Lisa Levy’s left buttock. To determine Bite Mark Analysis, a series of step are to be taken: 1. Get a search warrant, court order, or legal consent. 2. Check dental records of the suspected biter. 3. Photograph the bite in many different angles. 4. Extraoral/ Intraoral Examination for anomaly 5. Impression of the suspects bites. 6. Sample bites using Aluwax or Coprwax. 7. Develop a Study Cast.

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