Ted Bundy Research Paper

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Theodore Robert Cowell, whom is also known as Ted Bundy was a serial killer who killed at least thirty-plus women. He terrorized the states of Washington, Oregon, Utah, Idaho, and Colorado over the course of a few years. Ted Bundy’s phychological problems can be traced back to his deceptive, violent youth, and his invovleent in pornography at an early age. Ted Bundy was described as a charming, articulate, intelligent man; and these were the traits that allowed him to get close to his victims (Blanco, J.). Ted Bundy raped, strangled, and mutilated his victims; with no trace of guilt whatsoever. The law finally caught up with him in 1976, and he was given three death sentences. This left him with no chance of escape or hope, and this ensured …show more content…

Souviron went on to explain that there was a double bite involved: The attacker had bit once, then turned sideways and bit again. The top teeth remained in the same position, but the lower teeth left two rings. That gave Souviron twice as much to work with to prove his case. When questioned by the defense about the subjective nature of odontology interpretation, Souviron explained that he had done several experiments with model teeth to be assured of the standardization of his analysis. The attorney pointed out that the ruler in the photo had been lost, but Souviron countered with the obvious fact that it once had existed because it was in the photo” (Ramsland, …show more content…

They were hysterical and said that their daughter had disappeared that day. Police launched a massive search to find the missing girl, who disappeared from her school grounds. The person who last saw her was her friend Priscilla who saw Kimberly get into the car of a stranger the day she disappeared. Unfortunately, she was unable to accurately remember the car or the driver. They found Kimberly's body eight weeks later in a state park in Suwannee County, Florida. The young girl's body yielded little information due to advanced decomposition. However, police were to later find the evidence they needed in a van driven by Ted Bundy” (Bell,

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